Changing Lives

Microfin Uganda Limited has been in business since 21st April 2006, The sole purpose is provision of affordable microfinance services to active business owners, civil servants and Corporate workers.

Providing affordable microfinance services to you.

At Microfin Uganda Limited we believe in financial inclusion, affordable financial services for all!

Timely services

Get financial assistance through our products in the shortest time possible.​

Honest team

Be served by a tried and test team of hoest professionals at any of our branches.

Attractive interest rates

Our products are at an affordable and attractive interest rate.​

Get cash

Get cash to grow your business and reap more profits in the shortest time.

Relaxed requirements

With a few requirements you will get assistance from any our branches.

Services that make
an impact.

All our products are tailored towards the well being of our customers.

Get instant loans

Through a clean and thorough process by a tried and tested team, get instant cash at any of our branches country wide.

Flexible requirements.
Grow your business
Anything You Need

Reach out to us through any of our branches.

Low interest rates

We are dedicated to providing best services to our customers to help them reach their goals.

Most Affordable and attractive interest rates

All our products are at an attractive interest rate that allows our customers get access to funding.

Quality services.
Dedicated team
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